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++ THEORY BONER ++ ( a zine in process )

My pal Mary Mack ( you know her as the wonderful person who makes those queer scout patches ) and I are putting together a zine about art and theory.. THEORY BONER!  We’re doing a call for submissions for visual artists whose work is *turned on* by feminist//queer//anti-racist theory!

(This is just our preliminary write up, I would love any feedback or ideas you might have. How does art, access and theory intersect for you? ) 

Sexualizing theory means a great deal to us! We get turned on when we critically engage with theorist’s like Jose Munoz, Silvia Federici, Judith Butler, Audre Lorde, Michel Foucault, Ann Cvetkovich etc…

However we realize that accessing education / queer / feminist / anti-racist theory is a privilege and not accessible to everyone.  Our goal for THEORY BONER is first to decentralize the power and privilege that sanctifies theory as only for the academy by creating a new opportunity for access and engagement. Are you turned on by feminist / queer theory? Do you read theory and make art? Or maybe you’ve never had formal education in regards to feminist/queer theory but it informs your identity,community or sexual practice? Regardless, almost all feminist and queer theory is relational! So we are asking visual artists to think about a feminist/queer/anti-racist theory and conceptualize a piece for our THEORY BONER!

Some questions we’re asking ourselves while making this zine is What does art look like when it engages with theory? How can theory be more accessible? What does academic/art access look like for us when we are in poverty? Not a student? How do these systemic barriers impede and/or inspire our desire to take concepts about gender, race, class into our art? 

Attached to this call is a number of feminist // queer theory articles! Pick one or two or three and conceptualize a piece that speaks to your THEORY BONER! 

Queer theory // feminist theory // embodiment theory // transnational theory // trauma theory // film theory // Post-structural theory // semiotic theory // psychoanalytic theory // marxist theory // post-colonial theory // anti-racist theory // popular cultural theory ||||| THEORY BONER ||||||

On Trigger Warnings and the Myth of Community →


Recently, trans bro Jack Halberstam wrote an article called You Are Triggering me! The Neo-Liberal Rhetoric of Harm, Danger and Trauma. It is rife with crappy Monty Python references and historical inaccuracies. The main thrust of the article is that trigger warnings used by young people…